Website Design & Maintenance
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Getting Started

Do you already have a website/domain name?

  1. Is your website active?
    • If yes, let’s move to question 2.
    • If no, we need to get that back up and running! Contact your hosting company and reactivate your account! Make sure that you have a SSL Certificate!
  2. Do you have a theme/design?
    • Yes?
      • Are you happy with it?
      • Looking to freshen it up?
    • No?
  3. Are you using WordPress?
    • No?
      • Let’s get you converted over. See my Links Page or CMS/Site Editor to read more about WordPress.
      • I can utilize your existing graphics, you can utilize a Pre-Made Theme or I can build you a Custom Theme.
    • Yes?
      • Awesome!
      • Are you happy with your current theme?
        • No? Let’s freshen things up by utilizing one of my Pre-Made Themes or I can build you a Custom Theme!
      • Need some help keeping things up to date? I can do that!
  4. Contact me for a quote!


Thinking of starting a Website and not sure where to begin?

  1. First you need to figure out a name for your site.
  2. Next, find a hosting company that will house your website and help you obtain your website name. Go to my Links Page for a few suggestions on Hosting Companies.
  3. Set up your account with them.
    • They will walk you through the steps.
    • Ensure you get a SSL Certificate with your account.
      • Copy this info to a Notepad file and SAVE IT!
      • This is important information that enables you to access and manage your account!
  4.  Now let’s do some designing!!!!
  5. Contact me for a quote.



Once your site is online, it will need to be updated to keep your content fresh. Sometimes it’s a simple change, like changing your news text, adding or replacing a photo, whatever you need.

Maybe you tried to do the updates yourself and things didn’t work out as well as you were hoping or you just don’t have the time. Maybe you’ve asked your website person to work on it, but he/she is too busy, on vacation or it’s just not getting done. I can help you maintain your site and give it the attention you need.

Keeping the homepage fresh for your return visitors is important. Your visitors will keep coming back to see what’s new.

The search engines like fresh content and will keep crawling your site for new changes which will keep your site in their searches and not fall by the wayside