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The Plumber and The Mechanic

Well, if you are not familiar with the old saying about The Plumber & the Mechanic, the jest of it is that they are focused on “doing’ their trade and that personal attention to those trades in their own life are last.

So is the case here! I have been focused on building websites for FNFD Family Members, New & Repeat that I have failed to update my own Blog!

I have tried to be diligent about posting on FB but even then, if you are following me on FB, you know that FB is always ‘yelling’ at me about “you haven’t posted in a while”!

Here’s what I’ve been up to: New Websites, Redesigns (including business cards), TICA & CFF Ads, and new customers for Maintenance Help.



Cat Fanciers Federation

Ragdoll Fanciers Club


RoseGold Havanese

And the Redesign of the Theme for Raven’s Glen Ragdolls You can see the original version in our Profile.

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