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Congrats to 3 FNFD Family Members!

FNFD was proud to Sponsor 3 winners from our long time Family Members HappyKats & Raven’s Glen!

On September 14th, Cat Fancier’s Federation Celebrated their end of Show Year 2018-2019.

It was also Celebrating 100 Years! What an accomplishment!

3 of our FNFD Family participated in this Show Season and took home National Awards!

HappyKatRagdolls,  RavensGlenRagdolls & KasselDolls!

Congratulations to all the winners!

HappyKatRags Riley, # 3 National Top Cat

HappyKatRags Day Tripper, # 6 National Top Cat & # 11 National Kitten

HappyKatRags Maksim, # 9 National Top Cat

HappyKatRags Bodi, #19 National Top Cat

Raven’s Glen Radagast the Brown, # 2 National Kitten

KasselDolls Grappa, # 12 National Kitten

KasselDolls Frost, # 3 National Alter