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Welcome to the FNFD Family!

Well, Teal Splash Theme has a new home at! We did a color revision in the blue hues. I love the way it turned out! There was some hustling going on here as you know that poor theme has been in line to get converted to WordPress but with all my husbands projects, my daughters graduation, registering for her college classes, and my great niece flying in I think I lost my tail! But that presented a wonderful opportunity to play with the hues and met another wonderful person and welcome to the FNFD Family. Check out the link above or view My Portfolio!

Oh yeah, I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day! Independence Day is right around the corner!

Father’s Day will be upon us soon!

Well, Father’s Day is just around the corner and I have put together 5 new Holiday Announcements for you to share!

Summer sure is a busy time! My youngest graduated from High School and will be starting her first college course in a couple weeks! My niece flew in for the celebration and the girls had a blast! We didn’t want to let her go home!

We started construction on the back porch. It was very old and the stairs were about ready to fall through due to age and those darn yellow & black wood boring bees! This week’s hard labor has my “wings” a screaming from moving all the debris!

Don’t forget to make that change to your Home/Welcome Page!

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