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Happy ThanksGiving FNFD Peeps!

Happy Gobble Gobble Day! Just a quick note to let you all know you are in my thoughts and I’m very Thankful for you!

Happy Mother’s Day!









To all the Mom’s, I wish you a beautiful day full of Love and Laughter.


Valentine Memories

I hope everyone had a glorious St. Valentine’s Day celebrating with their loved ones!

St. Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

Ah the day of Love! We have designed some Free Memes for your use ranging from the Traditional ‘Roses are red’ to Sentimental.

Check them out on our Holiday Announcement Page or visit our Facebook page for easy sharing!

We’re having a Special on Personalized ‘Cards’ for that someone special for you to email, share on Facebook or even have Printed and Framed(4″x 6″)!

We can also design one for your Business, Website or Facebook Page?

Send me a message on Facebook or Contact Me to get started!

New Inspirational Memes/Photo Albums on FB

Was in the ‘Zone’ yesterday and designed 4 Friendship/Uplifting Memes. I call then Memes for a lack of a better term. Maybe ‘Quotes’ could work but some just aren’t really quoting anyone in particular?

AnyHoo, Check them out on the Inspirational/Memes Page under Free.

Along with that, I have also made Photo Albums on my FaceBook Page. So now you can go there as well and  share!

Please bare with me as I get my FB page up and running

Father’s Day will be upon us soon!

Well, Father’s Day is just around the corner and I have put together 5 new Holiday Announcements for you to share!

Summer sure is a busy time! My youngest graduated from High School and will be starting her first college course in a couple weeks! My niece flew in for the celebration and the girls had a blast! We didn’t want to let her go home!

We started construction on the back porch. It was very old and the stairs were about ready to fall through due to age and those darn yellow & black wood boring bees! This week’s hard labor has my “wings” a screaming from moving all the debris!

Don’t forget to make that change to your Home/Welcome Page!

Here’s an interesting read to increase traffic to your website:

Happy Easter!

Have a wonderful day with all the blessings of the season!

Easter Prayer