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Welcome WhenLifeHitz

We have added a new FNFD Family Member GraceMarie of

WLHz website is actually based in Weebly. 

As you know this is a completely different platform then WordPress, however the decision was made based on renewal time of Hosting and cost effectiveness.

I do like to take on a challenge and boy was this one. Weebly Platform is so completely different then our beloved WP! However, we took her site from meh to WOW! Even with that platforms limitations.

We created 5 Headers: Fall(now being displayed), Christmas, Winter, Spring and Summer.

WhenLifeHitz goal is to make a difference and encourage change with Inspirational Quotes, Pictorial Graphics (?, my daughter tells me they are not considered Memes, to include my own?) and also has an e-store where she hopes to expand her product line.

GraceMarie went with 3 logos to depict a “Journey” through her website and we have a section explaining the significance of them. The elephant (always with trunk up) the Eagle side profile and the Hummingbird.

So give a visit and welcome GraceMarie to the FNFD Family.

Congrats to 3 FNFD Family Members!

FNFD was proud to Sponsor 3 winners from our long time Family Members HappyKats & Raven’s Glen!

On September 14th, Cat Fancier’s Federation Celebrated their end of Show Year 2018-2019.

It was also Celebrating 100 Years! What an accomplishment!

3 of our FNFD Family participated in this Show Season and took home National Awards!

HappyKatRagdolls,  RavensGlenRagdolls & KasselDolls!

Congratulations to all the winners!

HappyKatRags Riley, # 3 National Top Cat

HappyKatRags Day Tripper, # 6 National Top Cat & # 11 National Kitten

HappyKatRags Maksim, # 9 National Top Cat

HappyKatRags Bodi, #19 National Top Cat

Raven’s Glen Radagast the Brown, # 2 National Kitten

KasselDolls Grappa, # 12 National Kitten

KasselDolls Frost, # 3 National Alter

The Plumber and The Mechanic

Well, if you are not familiar with the old saying about The Plumber & the Mechanic, the jest of it is that they are focused on “doing’ their trade and that personal attention to those trades in their own life are last.

So is the case here! I have been focused on building websites for FNFD Family Members, New & Repeat that I have failed to update my own Blog!

I have tried to be diligent about posting on FB but even then, if you are following me on FB, you know that FB is always ‘yelling’ at me about “you haven’t posted in a while”!

Here’s what I’ve been up to: New Websites, Redesigns (including business cards), TICA & CFF Ads, and new customers for Maintenance Help.



Cat Fanciers Federation

Ragdoll Fanciers Club


RoseGold Havanese

And the Redesign of the Theme for Raven’s Glen Ragdolls You can see the original version in our Profile.

New Service Available January 2019-Monthly Maintenance Plan


Due to an audit we performed over the Holiday Season, we noticed that over the course of the past year, that requested help for repair/troubleshooting work on websites generally went to not having updated Plug-ins.

I am now offering a Monthly Maintenance Plan to existing FNFD Family Members. Maintenance is described as updating WordPress and any Plug-ins that your website utilizes.

This plan is $60 per year and includes:

Updating Plug-ins 2-3 times per month depending on the the Plug-ins developers updates.
Ensuring that WordPress and your PHP is up to date based on your Hosting Provider.
Includes 1 hour of free troubleshooting per year should there be incompatibility issues between WP Core & Plug-ins.

Plan can be paid Yearly ($60), Quarterly ($15) or Monthly ($5).

Contact Me to take advantage of this Service!

New FNFD Family Members that join us in 2019 (and thereafter) will have 1 yr. included in their Quote.


Update to Billing Policy effective January 2019

Over the Holiday Season, I performed an audit on myself.

Along with requested website updates I have been updating WordPress and any Plug-ins (apps) that your website utilizes. The WordPress & plugin updates have so far been performed for free. This has worked out to 3 hours a year of Free Service per client!

So, I find I need to update my Billable Time Policy. Starting January 2019, you will now see a $5 monthly charge on your Invoice for Maintenance.

Maintenance includes;
Updating Plug-ins 2-3 times per month depending on the the Plug-ins developers updates.
Ensuring that WordPress and your PHP is up to date based on your Hosting Provider.
Includes 1 hour of free troubleshooting per year should there be incompatibility issues between WP Core & Plug-ins.

This new Maintenance plan also includes 1 hour of free troubleshooting per year should any incompatibility issues arise.

This new Maintenance plan DOES NOT include Requested Website updates (ie, add pages, pictures, change text ect); Those will be charged at the regular rate of per request

You have the option to pay Yearly ($60), Quarterly ($15) or Monthly ($5).

Of course, you can opt out, HOWEVER please be aware that if your website/plug-ins are not updated and incompatibility issues should arise, FNFD is not accountable.

WordPress & Plug-in updates are then your responsibility to perform. I do have instructions on How To Perform Plug-in Updates on my Help page on my website.

Any requested repairs are than performed at our hourly rate of $20.00 per hour.

Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome NOLA Vieux Carre’

NOLA is a Ragdoll Cattery in Louisiana located between New Orleans & Baton Rouge.

We took our inspiration from Mardi Gras and Sandi’s color choice of pastel purple & green.

This is the second website designed with the combination of what we consider Traditional (Larger Header w/Custom Graphics) and Modern (more ‘white space’, parallax in hero image, CTA buttons vs. link statements) Styles.

Let’s welcome Sandi & NOLA Ragdolls to the FNFD Family!

Do You Really Need A Website? Article by

Do You Really Need a Website When You Have Social Media?

By Sumer on Oct 18, 2018 06:09 pm

Why do you need a website when Social Media is all the rage?

Is it worth the investment and extra expense?

Social media is one of the best places to promote your business and gain customers through engagement and building devotees. If you have a solid social media following and engage in trust-building relationships with potential customers, you may wonder why you need a website at all. Facebook offers you a page that acts as websites for potential customers to find you, Twitter connects you with an entire world of people in 140 characters, and with the Instagram and Pinterest gaining in popularity, promote yourself online is endless. You might find owning a website isn’t worth the money. But, aha! It is! Read on to find out why.

A Website is Worth the Investment

While social media is a great way for businesses to connect and engage with people today, millions of consumers still search the web for the main businesses website.

Consider this: If potential consumers don’t have a website to go to, that gives them the opportunity to move onto another business.

Facebook allows you to create a page, but they limit what information you can provide and how you reach your customers. You don’t own your Facebook page or any of your social media sites. The platforms do.

Fun Fact: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram—to name some popular ones—are unpredictable services privy to the whims of social media users. Admin teams suspend pages and remove accounts if they deem necessary, and all it takes is a few complaints or violations of their service.  Considering all the policy updates and confusion surrounding algorithms through these sites, you might also find it harder than before to connect with existing or potential customers and clients.

What happens then? Say goodbye to the word of mouth. Say goodbye to reaching a greater audience, say goodbye to the potential and current customers and clients you’ve spent all that time building report with.

But, with a website, they will have a place to find you. Without one, you’ll scramble to rebuild your following and grow your customer base.

Your website is where customers will decide if they want to do business with you. There you build your brand, provide the most comprehensive information about your products and services, and build trust in your company. Websites are fundamental in creating lasting business endeavors and keeping customers.

Websites Allow for Greater Marketing Opportunities and Promotions

Besides housing all the information about your company a potential customer or consumer needs to know, a website allows for greater sales, marketing and promotions opportunities over social media.

Consider this: Websites are “open” 24 hours. They need not sleep the way the humans running things behind the scenes do.

What can you do on your website?

  • Sell services or products online with a digital brochure, calendar and online payment system.
  • Create an email list, blog and a newsletter to maintain connections with customers outside social media.
  • Create a landing page, to promote on social media, which creates leads and generate sales or emails for marketing endeavors.
  • Connect with customers who don’t use social media often or at all. Yes, they exist!
  • Get local and get involved in your community. Consumers today prefer companies who give back to their communities and a website is a great place to showcase your involvement and investment in the locals.
  • Get better results, more sales and track ROI

Fun Fact: 60% of small business owners have trouble tracking ROI through social media. Meaning, you don’t know if you are getting a return on your time and money invested in social media practices.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you haven’t decided by now you need a website the question is why not?

Consider this: Many inexpensive options are easy to use and build yourself.

If you don’t have the tech gene or the budget to hire someone, you can still whip up a website and spend less a year than you would to boost those posts on Facebook.

The post Do You Really Need a Website When You Have Social Media?appeared first on AddMe Blog.

Busy Week, Welcome 2 new Family Members

Busy, Busy Busy! Hurry and Contact me about reserving time to add that Holiday Bling to your site!

Welcome to McKenna Creek Labradors-New wp install with a custom FNFD theme based on the outdoors>
This Site features a Slideshow on the Home Page and a Live FB Feed!


Crystal Ragdolls-New wp install with custom animated FNFD theme, along with animated Accents and divider!

Welcome Pawz N Purrz

Howdy Peeps!

We have a new family member to welcome to FNFD!

This is a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service located in NH.

Let’s Welcome Gail with

This was designed using a different type of theme and a page builder called Elementor for the content area.


WordPress Update to 4.9.8 GutenBerg Editor

Howdy Peeps!

Well, as you’ve seen WordPress has updated and is even closer to having their Default Page Builder ready!

It is called Gutenberg. I’ve played with it a little but reserve my opinion until I play a little more.

For those of you that are perfectly happy with the way you are editing your own sites right now there is the option to keep it that way!

Just install the Plug-in! See the Slideshow below or go to our Help Page.

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