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Update to Billing Policy effective January 2019

Over the Holiday Season, I performed an audit on myself.

Along with requested website updates I have been updating WordPress and any Plug-ins (apps) that your website utilizes. The WordPress & plugin updates have so far been performed for free. This has worked out to 3 hours a year of Free Service per client!

So, I find I need to update my Billable Time Policy. Starting January 2019, you will now see a $5 monthly charge on your Invoice for Maintenance.

Maintenance includes;
Updating Plug-ins 2-3 times per month depending on the the Plug-ins developers updates.
Ensuring that WordPress and your PHP is up to date based on your Hosting Provider.
Includes 1 hour of free troubleshooting per year should there be incompatibility issues between WP Core & Plug-ins.

This new Maintenance plan also includes 1 hour of free troubleshooting per year should any incompatibility issues arise.

This new Maintenance plan DOES NOT include Requested Website updates (ie, add pages, pictures, change text ect); Those will be charged at the regular rate of per request

You have the option to pay Yearly ($60), Quarterly ($15) or Monthly ($5).

Of course, you can opt out, HOWEVER please be aware that if your website/plug-ins are not updated and incompatibility issues should arise, FNFD is not accountable.

WordPress & Plug-in updates are then your responsibility to perform. I do have instructions on How To Perform Plug-in Updates on my Help page on my website.

Any requested repairs are than performed at our hourly rate of $20.00 per hour.

Thank you for your understanding.