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I’m having trouble with my website Admin program

I have received numerous inquires as to why some website Admin programs are not working in Chrome.

Chrome has updated and with some older Content Management web based editing programs this has produced a compatibility issue.

Just a side note: You never have to worry about WordPress as it keeps current with browser updates.

Anyhoo, don’t panic!

First I would recommend you consider upgrading your site and of course I recommend WordPress. It will get increasingly harder to maintain your website as the industry continues to grow and update. Contact me for a quote.

So in the meantime, how do you continue to make changes to your website.

As above, I mentioned that there is a compatibility issue with Chrome, but you can work around this for a short time.

Internet Explorer offers a backwards compatibility view option. Don’t have IE? Here’s a link to download:

How to do Backward Compatibility View in Internet Explorer:
Open IE
In upper Right corner you will see the Cog Wheel (settings) click that
Scroll down until you see Compatibility View Settings, click
Pop up window will come up
In the Add this website box, enter your website address and click the add button.
Now you need to close IE out completely and reopen
You should now be able to log in to Admin area and complete your changes.

I hope this little tidbit helped you.

Congratulations BeautyDoll RagDolls WP Conversion

BeautyDolls has a fresh new look with their WordPress Conversion! Visit their new WordPress website at

Using  the updated Graphics from their original design, we now have a mobile friendly site while still keeping their design vision.

BeautyDolls is an animated site. Each Page has a different header pic that twinkles and sparkles that reflects their personality!

Enjoy your new WordPress Website!

Check out our Portfolio for other WP Conversions we have completed.



Valentine Memories

I hope everyone had a glorious St. Valentine’s Day celebrating with their loved ones!

Welcome to our new Family Member Always Beautiful Creations

Just a quick shout out to the newest FNFD Family Member Always Beautiful Creations.

Dianna came to us for Website Updates and FaceBook Assistance. We help her manage her Facebook Business Page. She has also utilized our personalized graphic services for her Business Cards, Gift Certificates, Advertisement Flyers and E-Signature. You can see these on my Portfolio-Graphics Page.

She is a Licensed Paramedical Permanent Make up & Holistic Skin Care Specialist from Key West, FL.

She offers numerous services that you can see on her website at the link above.

What inspired me most about Dianna is that she offers Scar Imperfection Correction for people that have had Mastectomy Surgery, other surgeries, and scars from various incidents.