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Winter Storm Update

Just to let you know, I made it through the storm here in TN. We only got about 6 inches and my daughter FINALLY went back to school today!

Was a nice quiet day today Accomplished quite a bit on my website. You can now see my Portfolio and I added the Free Holiday Announcements page (Under Free)!

Just in case anyone is having any issues with their website coming up with a database error (like mine) this afternoon and evening and your with GoDaddy, one of their servers has been intermittent so don’t panic! They are working on the issue.

Woot Woot!

We are on roll! The Pre-made WordPress Themes is up and running and just completed ButterCupLace Free WordPress Theme. This was one of the first templates I had designed in 2013. Still love it! And it’s still Free! Take a gander at her

Happy New Year!

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season enjoying friends, family and lots of love!

Now that the New Year has started and most schedules have returned to normal I hope your transition is smooth.

As you can see, my progress is moving along. Some links/downloads may not be available as I do some conversions. Some of my websets were set up in HTML and I am currently converting to WordPress so please bare with me!