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New Pre-Made WordPress Theme = Fall Haze

This Theme comes in 1, 2 or 3 column options.
2 Dividers, 2 Bullets, 2 Accents
Customization of Header with your Logo (or keep the current Leaf Filigree), your Website Name & Customized Linkback banner.
Optional: Slider (Fall in the Forest, not included)


New Pre-Made WP Theme=LightHouse

This Theme comes in 1, 2 or 3 column options.

2 Dividers, 2 Bullet/Accents

Customization of Header with your Logo (or keep the lighthouse), your Website Name & Customized Linkback banner.

Optional: Slider (picture of woman, not included)


New Theme for Halloween

Howdy Peeps!

Now who could NOT get in the mood for Halloween with all the decorations going up? Not this gal!

Here’s a very low cost & basic WP Theme for the season! No Accents/Dividers/Linkback banner provided as I am anticipating that this is just a temporary theme.

Say hello to Hallow 17!

Hallow 17

You can’t see it in this screen shot but in the lower right corner is the same tombstone as in the header with the glowing lantern! Of course, it will depend on if you have the 3rd column going on the right and the amount of content for visibility.

This set up is a 3 column option & Mobile responsive!

Contact Me about getting this little gem for your website for the Halloween Season!

New WordPress Theme-Spring Trail

Here’s a new WP Pre-made Theme called Spring Trail.

As always the Header & Linkback Banner are Customized for your Website. With this theme, I did not pre-design Bullets or Divider as I think it would depend on your business as to the graphic to be designed/used.

If interested, Please send for a Quote Request!

Spring Trail



New WP Theme-ChocolateDecadence

Here’s a new Pre-made WordPress Theme-CholoateDecadence!

Pre-Made Themes come with 1-2 Dividers, 2-3 Bullets and maybe 1-2 Accents (pending the theme). Of course there’s also the linkback banner.

When purchased, the Header and Linkback banner are personalized at no additional cost.  Meaning that the little dog as pictured with this theme is there to give an idea and so the Header is not blank.


Get a Quote for this Theme.

Shabby Daisy is Here!

Well here’s another WordPress Theme from the Shabby Series that’s available for sale.

This theme comes with 1 divider, 2 bullets and a linkback banner.

Shabby Daisy


New Halloween WordPress Theme

In the inspiration of the month, here is a Halloween WordPress Theme-Skulls for sale!



You can install and activate this theme and have no worries about overwriting your current theme. Headings, links, controls etc have all been formatted to work with what you already have laid out in your current theme!

Remember, it does not overwrite your bullets, accents or dividers that you have active. But no worries, I have provided you with 3 different bullet/accents to use. They are the icons used in the Vertical Menu, Content Header and Block Header.

This theme does not come with a divider or link back banner as I have designed it as a temporary theme for Halloween, HOWEVER I can always design one for you if you just LOVE the theme and wish to use it permanently!

When your ready to switch back to your websites main theme, all you have to do is activate it. Again, you will have to change your bullets and dividers.

Shabby Chic WordPress Theme is here!

Well, it’s finally completed! Shabby Chic (or to my husband chick) is available for purchase!

This Theme was originally designed as an HTML Template and is now converted to WordPress.

The trouble in going back is that you have learned more over time and you look at it and say ‘I can do better’ or ‘why didn’t I save that?’

So with that, this Theme now has 2 additional Accents, 4 bullets and a divider. Of course, there’ always the Linkback banner!


Shabby Chic

BlueFire Theme is up!

Thanks for your patience on the Coming Soon! new Pre-made WordPress Theme BlueFire.

I know that was there for a bit (cough) but being the perfectionist that I am, I went back in the theme and said ‘hum, how can I make this better?’

Hope you love the theme! If interested in purchasing, contact me!