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How’s everyone surviving the time change?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween? I so enjoy seeing all the costumes and hearing the laughter of families and friends in the neighborhood!

Of course following that wonderful time is the dreaded Daylight Savings Time change of “Falling back” an hour. I was quite amused by the various posts on Social Media about the change. Some forgot the little poem we were taught as children: Spring forward, Fall back. There were a few confused souls that thought we were losing a hour;( but the Memes were cute.

We gained an hour and the trending theme is: What did you do with your extra time?

Here’s my answer:

Sat on my back porch and enjoyed the morning with 2 extra cups of coffee.

So, with that being said the rest of the day was running around getting rid of that extra energy due to the extra coffee!

By evening time, my internal clock was so off, I was heart broken to realize that I had to wait an hour to watch The Walking Dead! After that I collapsed into bed.

No worries my friends, be reassured that by the time our internal clocks have reset, we will be Springing Forward and starting the process all over again!