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New Animated WordPress Site

Well this was an exciting Custom WordPress Theme to put together! This site is all about the bling and animation (and of course the British Shorthair)!

I got to play in my animation program and learned a few things:

  • if you use a png, adjust the background to transparent unless it is dimensional
    • apparently it doesn’t like see through objects like the lantern and divider
  • If using dimensional, give it a solid non-transparent background
  • In your design process, think layers and spacing!
    • like the divider, I made one layer of sparkles for the gold diamonds and one for the white. Then by alternating the colors opposite on top and bottom, all you had to do was just move the sparkle layer up and down only, no side movement
  • For the Curtain, that was the first one I did and was a little tricky (and where I learned spacing and layers) as I moved each sparkle individually!
    • However, for the lantern the glow for the candle I placed all 3 and then just hid the layer that needed to twinkle for each pic.
  • Timing, this is where you have to play and adjust the default (2 seconds doesn’t seem like much until you are waiting for something to happen). I found that 0.30 seems to be a good speed.

I found a plug-in called Super Snow for the falling Diamonds! This is such an awesome plug-in! It is defaulted for snowflakes, however you can customize to any object you desire that falls in the recommended size. You can adjust the fall rate, the number of items that are falling at any given time. It is defaulted to disengage for mobile and tablet viewing as to not eat up data and  battery. Watch out Holiday Season! Ohhh the possibilities!

So watch out, when I get an opportunity to play, you can expect some Pre-made WP Themes with some animation!

Thank you to (Kristen) for this wonderful opportunity and welcome to the FNFD Family!