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Why does my HTTPS site still show the ‘i’ in a circle?

Some of you that purchased a SSL Cert or had one included when you set up your new website, may still be showing the ‘i’ in a circle in the URL address box.


Well, have you ever clicked on that ‘i’?  It stands for Information. When you click on it, it has a drop down window that shows what type of connection (secure, not fully secure and not secure), number of cookies that are used on that site. In this window, where it says that this is not a secure site, there is a word “Details” in blue and underlined. Click on it.

It opens a window on the right side of your browser screen. At the top of this screen is a toolbar with Elements, Console, Sources. . .Security.

Click Security. What do you see?

Well, it says I have a valid SSL Cert and the connection is secure. Then it says Mixed Content with a red dot?

That’s why. YOU have a secured site but you are offering links to other sites that do not have/purchased a SSL Cert.

But I thought I was good to go by purchasing/having a SSL Cert. Well, in a sense you are correct.

This is saying that you have linked to a site that does not have a secure site. Or are utilizing an image with a link back to an insecure site.

But, But. . . ah damn, I have a headache now!


All’s well my friends! Give it some time.  They will work the kinks/bugs out.

Educate yourself! Call your hosting company, visit their Blogs, ask questions!


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