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Plug In Updates

Howdy Peeps! So as you saw WP updated and with that there have been a few ‘Helps!’ received. Upon investigation I noticed on most that the Plug Ins had not been updated.

I can not stress enough that you need to update your Plug Ins!

What are these you ask? Simply put-they are like Apps on your phone. They help do various things within your website and they need to be kept up to date.

Why you ask? Because as WP updates as well as the Plug ins they are talking to each other and figuring out ‘bugs’ and compatibility issues.

Which should I do first? The Plug ins! If they are always kept up to date then when WP gets notices and fixes an issue, when it updates all is well. Most of you have Auto WP update so when a new version is released, bam it’s done for you.

What’s the big deal? Well if those plug ins are not kept up to date on your site (but have been updated by the plug in developer) and WP updates it could result in a bunch of errors and WP and those Plug ins not talking to each other correctly and then your site is wanked!

So, if you are maintaining your own WP Website, UPDATE THOSE PLUG INS!!!

Not sure how to do this? Send me an Email (Help Page in progress).